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love converse

Daydream Believer

I love MCR, I love Green Day and I love cats. My own cat in particular. 

I like black t-shirts, new shoes, concerts and sleeping.

I daydream and I dislike reality.  I drift through life without feeling I belong or that anyone understands - and mostly I think they don't.

Other interests are in my user info.

Add me as a friend if you think we have stuff in common.  Add me as a friend if you think we don't and you can broaden my horizons without being overly judgemental about my choices!  I'm not particularly exciting - I'm just shy and like to know who's reading my random mutterings :p

Comment here if you want me to add you back as I generally don't check my homepage.


I'd really like to have you as a friend, if you don't mind? :)
I would love to have you as a friend! :)
Hello - I have added you though I'm not great at LJ. Meeting Dave Grohl was awesome, if you read back a little in my LJ you'll get to read all about it. He really was lovely and I have managed to say every single day, "hey I met Dave Grohl" my bloke is soooo sick of it now hahah!

Love Lyns xx
Don't worry, I'm not great at LJ either. I've added you back and I'm reading about your Dave meeting as I type!
Hello. I'm from ChemicalRomance community, hope you don't mind me adding you.
Hey, I added you back :)


hey i just saw that http://mcrowns.hopelesshearts.org/ has scans from the Big Cheese Mag from you
well i have a Joe Hahn (DJ from Linkin Park) website www.joehahn.org
and there is an article about Linkin Park
well i just want to ask you wether you can scan me that article and send it to me....
that would be damn nice
well drop a message on my website if you can do it

Re: hey

Sure, no problem. I've sent you a message via the website.
Hey would you mind if I added you to my friend's list? I need some Green Day fans on my list! Oh and you love cats too! :D ♥
Absolutely, GD fans and cat lovers are most welcome :)

July 2007

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